How to Tip at a Dinner Theater

At the Alhambra Theatre & Dining your ticket cost includes dinner. Therefore, it is frequently asked, what is the tipping policy? What makes us slightly different is that you are provided a bill at the table for only your beverages. In some cases it may be a glass of wine, in others a bottle of sparkling water. Like any restaurant, gratuities are a special way for you to acknowledge service provided to you and should reflect your satisfaction with the service.

Suggested Tipping Guide:

18% – $5.00 per person (meal only)
20% – $5.55 per person (meal only)
25% – $6.95 per person (meal only)

Alhambra Legacy Servers


Alhambra Theatre’s Legacy Service Staff (L to R): Robert Newberry (Bar Manager), Paul Nickas, Lois Adkins, Pamela Carmichael, Brenda Surber, Eric Maida, Joey Nicholas and Jim Martin

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