Frequently Asked Questions

What times do your shows run?

Our regular season shows generally run Tuesday – Sunday, with no show on Monday. Times for our all regular performances run as follows:

2020 Season

All Evening Performances: 
Doors open: 6:00 pm
Meal served: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Curtain up: 7:50 pm

First Thursday Preview Matinee:
Doors open: 11:00 am
Meal served: 11:00 am – 12:50 pm
Curtain up: 1:15 pm

Saturday Matinees:
Doors open: 11:00 am
Meal served: 11:00 am – 12:50 pm
Curtain up: 1:15 pm

Sunday Matinees:
Doors open: 12:00 pm
Meal served: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Curtain up: 1:50 pm

What are the ticket prices?

Single Seat Ticket Prices

  • Sunday – Thursday Evenings – $58 + tax per person
  • Friday and Saturday Evenings – $63 + tax per person
  • Matinees – $56 + tax per person
  • Children 12 & under – $38 + tax per person  (Children 5 years of age and older welcome. Children 3 and over welcome at our summer family show and holiday show.)
  • Military personnel  & Seniors over the age of 60 – a discount of  $2.50
  • Proscenium* Tickets (when available) – $40 + tax
  • Gala Night Seating, the first Friday of each new show of the regular season – $68 + tax (date subject to change)
  • Preview Seating, the first Thursday of each new show of the regular season, matinee and evening – $40 + tax (dates subject to change, excludes holiday show)
  • Alhambra After Dark/Music Tribute Shows – all seats $69*, includes special event ticket, dinner and parking
    *unless otherwise noted

Save by purchasing a Season Partnership today!

A standard gratuity of $3.75 will be added to parties of 7 or more. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Group rates are available for 20 or more guests. Please call the box office directly for group pricing at 904.641.1212

Proscenium Seating

(pro·sce·ni·um)- the part of a theater stage in front of the curtain.
  • Proscenium Tickets $40 + tax when available

Proscenium seats are the last two tables on the second, third and fourth tiers and the last table on the floor level against the curtain wall on A-side and C-side. At the beginning of each show, we offer a limited number of these reduced-price seats. They are on the far right and far left-hand sides of the stage. However, nothing obstructs your view of the performance.

Is a tip for my dinner service included in the ticket price?

At the Alhambra Theatre & Dining, the price of your ticket includes dinner. Therefore, it is frequently asked, what is the tipping policy? What makes us slightly different is that you are provided a bill at the table only for your beverages. In some cases, it may be a bottle of wine, in others a bottle of sparkling water. Like any restaurant, gratuities are a special way for you to acknowledge the service provided to you and should reflect your satisfaction with the service.


18% – $5.00 per person (meal only)
20% – $5.55 per person (meal only)
25% – $6.95 per person (meal only)

*The pleasure of a gratuity is not included in the ticket price and is always appreciated as a personal way to acknowledge your service and satisfaction. These percentages are based on the food portion of a regular season ticket which is approximately $28.

Are there season tickets available?

Yes! In fact, we think so highly of our season ticket holders that we consider them partners in our business. Being a Season Partner is also the best way to save money on what is already a tremendous value. As a Renaissance Partner, you are invited to the Gala Grand Opening event for each show and as a Royalty Member, you can see your name printed in our Stagelight Program for each show!

You can learn more about Season Partnerships by clicking here.

What is your dress code?

Alhambra is the occasion to get dressed up and enjoy an amazing evening of fine dining and Broadway quality productions. We ask for business casual attire with no jeans, t-shirts or flip-flops. Sports jackets for men are encouraged, although no ties are required.

Is there a bar or somewhere to relax before a show?

During our previous renovation process, we built the Library Lounge.  Reminiscent of a Carolina mountain lodge, you’ll find cozy leather furniture, a working fireplace and a fully stocked bar.  Bobby, our head bartender, makes a mean martini – or Shirley Temple! We’ve got a great wine list with selections like Cakebread, J. Lohr and Silver Oak. We find our guests like to come in early for a drink and some conversation or stay after the show – and sometimes get to meet the cast!

How do I audition for upcoming shows?

Audition information is periodically updated on our website for those interested in participating on the theatrical side of our operations. The creative folks at the theater are always looking for budding talent–and they are also often away scouting new plays, techniques and ways to keep the theater experience fresh. You can click the backstage tab at the top of this page, or click here for upcoming auditions or send our Stage Manager a note any time at The box office does not have information on auditions, so we ask that you do not call them with questions.

I have a comment, where do I send it?

There is nothing we like better than hearing from our loyal patrons. We hope that it is a note on how much you enjoyed the performance, our upgraded menu and delicious food, the attention of our wait staff and our hospitality, but if there is an area that needs attention, we want to hear about that, too. There is not one thing we do that we can’t learn to do better—and your feedback will help us in that regard. Is there a particular show you would like to see at the Alhambra? While we can’t make any specific promises, we do take into consideration all suggestions from our patrons. Send an email to our Guest Concierge at

The “Alhambra Dinner Theatre” is now “Alhambra Theatre & Dining.”  Why is the name different?

In Jacksonville, the Alhambra name has been synonymous with exceptional live theater for over 40 years. We are known for our high-quality performances and thus “theatre” has taken a more prominent position in our name. That is not to say that the meal is getting secondary attention. In fact, with a brand new kitchen and the addition of Executive Chef DeJuan Roy to the Alhambra team, we are quickly becoming known as a culinary must-do! To learn more about the culinary experience, click here.  To see our current show menus, click here.

What else has changed about the Alhambra?

When we bought the Alhambra in 2009, our goal was simply – and only – to improve upon the experience.

Since the purchase, we have updated and renovated most of the theater- from the silverware to the chairs, to the lights and sound system. We repainted inside and out, installed new carpet, updated the restrooms (including adding one with family access), updated the theater walls, tablecloths, flatware, glasses, plates and seating.

Along with the “big picture” items, we have also addressed many not-so-visible items: the steps are easier to navigate, our fire alarm system has been upgraded, we took out several tables to increase the “roominess” in many seating areas. Our coffee and beverage service equipment are new, a completely new computerized sales and seating system have been implemented, and several procedural changes that our staff is now utilizing are all making the Alhambra experience more enjoyable for you.

Perhaps our biggest “product” change has been the culinary experience. With the addition of Executive Chef DeJuan Roy, you’ll find the Alhambra comparable to any great restaurant in town. We also have the ability to create (upon advanced order) specialty items for those with dietary needs and each menu now contains a vegetarian option as well as gluten-free options (where noted).  Vegan and diabetic dietary needs can also be accommodated with 24 hours advanced notice.

Can you tell me more about the food experience at the Alhambra?

When we opened under new management in 2009, we recognized that we had to greatly improve the food quality and the dining experience.  We initially partnered with local legend, Chef Matthew Medure, to whom we are forever thankful for helping us right the ship. Matt was integral to helping us improve the initial dining experience and to help restore the faith in the “dining” side of the Alhambra Theatre & Dining.

In November of 2011, we completed the second phase of the Alhambra’s rebirth and built our own kitchen – and with that, brought in our own head chef. We now prepare our own food, in our own kitchen, under the leadership of Executive Chef DeJuan Roy, former Executive Chef of 95 Cordova. Chef DeJuan was even able to bring with him some of his own staff, including Sous Chef Christine Seely.

Chef DeJuan creates a new menu for each production highlighting the show’s story and theme. We have also retired the buffet meals and initiated a three-course plated meal, served at your table.  Plus, having our own kitchen and staff provides us an opportunity to host special events such as luncheons, fundraisers, corporate outings, weddings, and parties. It allows the Alhambra to better match special dietary needs and requests. So far, so good! Critics, bloggers, and customers are all raving about the dining experience at the Alhambra.

Are the Alhambra shows the same great quality?

While we did enhance the experience with state of the art sound and lighting, we couldn’t change success!  The Alhambra has always been known for its high-quality theatrical productions and creative mastermind, Tod Booth, will continue to be the creative energy behind all of our stage talent. His unique ability to locate existing talent and find new up-and-comers will continue to be an integral part of the Alhambra theatrical offering. We are so pleased that he has agreed to stay with us, and we are certain that you will continue to enjoy the professional theater you have come to expect at the Alhambra.

We’ve added one more component that improves upon the Alhambra experience: bringing back guest stars. Our stage has been home to so many great performers: Dawn Wells, Morgan Fairchild, Bob Denver, Sid Caesar, Omar Sharif, Bob Crane (Hogan’s Heroes), and more recently Loretta Swit, Barry Williams, Jamie Farr and Sally Struthers. Betty Grable made her very last appearance right here on our stage. We’ve also launched the careers of many a star—including Leanza Cornett—former Miss America and TV star of Animal Planet.

Are you finished making changes yet?

Continuous improvement is our mantra. So while most of the visual improvements are evident like our recently completed garden and fountain–there are still many behind the scenes changes taking place. It takes a lot of work and continued investment to keep the theater in top shape, and we appreciate your ongoing support to make it all possible!

What are your ticket policies?

To enhance the experience at Alhambra Theatre & Dining, we have outlined our ticketing and admission policies at the following link – Theater Policies

These policies are in place as a courtesy to you and to our performers. Your ticket purchase and attendance indicate that you accept and will adhere to the Alhambra Theater & Dining’s policies.

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