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The Alhambra Ghost Story

Oct 11, 2020
A single light lit in the theater

After the customers are gone, after the cast and waitstaff has left, when the doors are locked and the lights are out - the Alhambra gives an air of being empty. It’s quiet and dark, and after an evening full of lights and fun, it can seem a little eerie. But if you were to wander through the halls, maybe carefully amble through the theater, you might soon realize that you are not alone. Yes, it is possible that you could come across the infamous, Alhambra ghost.

It’s a common belief that every theater is haunted. Usually, the stories involve an actor who had a tragic accident; or a performer’s love triangle gone awry, or a disgruntled crew member bent on retribution. But here, in our historic home away from home, our ghosts are believed to be employees who loved this theater so much, they can’t bring themselves to leave.

“It's a common belief that every theater is haunted.”

One such ghost is thought to be a hard-working handyman who kept the theater in running order in the early 1970s. He and his wife, who worked alongside him as a housekeeper, worked nearly every night for many years. One night she walked backstage to ask him a question, and there, in one of the dressing rooms, she found him on the floor, the victim of a heart attack. She continued to work here for years, and often said that she felt he was still with her. We all firmly believe that the shadowy figure of a man that has been seen down that hallway is that of her husband. The wife passed away in the early 90’s, and it has been speculated that she joined her husband at the workplace they so loved, as a woman’s figure has also been seen onstage merging with the shadows of the ghost-light. To this day, they are still seen wandering backstage and through the halls of Alhambra. The husband has even been photographed backstage, watching the show.

The other Alhambra specter is Mr. Henry, another of our beloved former employees. After Mr. Henry passed away in the mid-90s, stories have circulated of furniture being moved and sounds coming from empty rooms.

One story recalls one of our staff entering the waiters’ break room and having the door open for her to enter, then closed behind her, with no one else in the building.

Other stories report hearing a man’s footsteps walking around the otherwise empty library. The box office staff will tell you that several times they’ve heard someone sit down in Craig’s chair in his office, only to find there is no one there at all.

The Local Haunts team investigating a disturbance

In 2014, the television show, Local Haunts came in to investigate the ghost claims. They not only confirmed the three ghosts we were aware of, but told us we had several more. Whether we have three ghosts or twenty, we’re glad that they still love this theater as much as we do – and that they seem to be friendly!

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