Willie, Reba & the Boys ♫

Willie, Reba & the Boys ♫

Show Synopsis


Starring Corrie Sachs as RebaCorrie as Reba

Corrie Sachs is the #1 “Reba McEntire” tribute artist/impersonator in Las Vegas, and stars in the award-winning production show “Country Superstars Tribute Show” at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Winner of the 2011 “Tribute Act of the Year,” Corrie is widely considered one of the best, and best known, Reba McEntire tribute artists in the country! Having performed in dozens of shows over the years, from “Country Tonight” and “Country Fever” to “American Superstars” and “Legends in Concert,” this incredible performer has Reba down to a tee!

And Roger Hegyi as Willie NelsonRoger Hegyi as Willie

Musicians and fans agree – Willie Nelson is an iconic figure in American music history. “Roger looks and sounds so much like The Man that fans and friends are convinced that he and Willie were twins separated at birth!” Not just a Willie Nelson “impersonator,” Roger has found a way to reach into the musical soul of Willie Nelson and share it with audiences wherever he performs. “Watching and listening to Roger performing the music of Willie Nelson gives me chills!”

Chosen as the most authentic and convincing tribute act to Willie Nelson in America, the True Willie Tribute Band is fast becoming the first choice with audiences across America.

Plus, Roger and his band will pay tribute to the legendary music of Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash!

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