Grease ♫

Grease ♫

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This musical about high school and secret love affairs features music in the rock ‘n roll style of the 1950s. Rydell High’s head “greaser” and bad boy Danny Zuko and new (good) girl Sandy Zumbrowski try to relive the romance of their “Summer Nights.” But when they get back to school, everything is different. The two try to navigate the tricky Rydell High social cliques while trying to maintain their reputations. Meanwhile, the gang sings and dances its way through such nostalgic scenes as the pajama party, the prom, the burger palace, and the drive-in movie.

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If you previously booked a reservation for Grease, at this time your reservation still stands for the new run and is currently locked. The reason for this is that over the next few weeks we are reviewing our current reservations and seating as it relates to allowed capacity and social distancing. During this time, we ask that you be patient with us as we finalize your reservation and send all the information you will need directly to you, just as soon as it is set.

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